Air Motor Specifications & Performance Curves

Fawcett table-top stirrers are adaptable to a wide variety of applications and batch sizes from small beakers to multi-gallon containers.
These direct-drive models provide a wide speed and torque range.

Each lab stirrer kit comes with a powerhead, air hose, and a variety of stirrer shafts and Fawcett MixedFLOW™ Impellers.

We take pride in our components including our best-in-class output chucks and exhaust mufflers. Our new keyless chuck, like our keyed chuck, was adopted from those used on machine tools. Their precise rotation extends motor seal and bearing life. The all-metal and integral-input design means they are built to last.

New Project (2)

10A — 1/2 Horsepower

New Project (1)

20A — 1 Horsepower

New Project (3)

30A — 1% Horsepower

New Project (4)

40A - 4 Horsepower

New Project (5)

BOA - 5 Horsepower

Motor Performance


Technical Documentation

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