WS Series

Pail & Vat Stations

Fawcett's integrated air manifold workbenches provide a turnkey solution for a multi-station open tank blending operation. Consolidate, organize, and optimize your production output with this purpose-built station. Offered in two lengths and two working heights, each bench accommodates 4 mixing vats up to 18” in diameter with stand rods to mount 4 Fawcett LS powerheads.

The enclosed design allows for flexible installation in hazardous location facilities and easy cleaning and maintenance. All that is required to operate is to supply compressed air through a single inlet port.

WS-6.18-V372" x 25.5" x 49"18”
WS-6.26-V372" x 25.5" x 49"26”
WS-8.18-V392" x 25.5" x 49"18”
WS-8.26-V392" x 25.5" x 49"26”

*Built into the design is the ability to pipe away exhaust entirely through one main exhaust port (1 NPT), either to the left or right side (user to furnish necessary piping from port onward).

**Indicates height of backsplash, main air inlet and the motor support rods extend higher

Additional Features & Specifications

Holds vessels up to 18” in diameter

Connect compressed air supply via 3/4 NPT female port lubricator
(Max flow 330 CFM at 110 PSI max)

Includes four 3/4” diameter by 34” tall powerhead mounting rods
(48” tall available upon request)

Individual motor supply and exhaust ports are 1/2 NPT female (1/4 NPT reducing bushings are provided)

Grounding clamps and Table Grounding

DX Series

Drum Stations

For 55 Gal. Drum.
Painted Steel with 3” Concrete Screws
Powerheads, Shafts, Blades, and Clamp Block to be ordered separately.

34" x 3/4" Support Rods

Keyless Chucks Now Available!

We take pride in our components including our best-in-class
output chucks and exhaust mufflers. Our new keyless chuck, like
our keyed chuck, was adopted from those used on machine tools.
Their precise rotation extends motor seal and bearing life. The all
metal and integral-input design means they are built to last.


Dimensions 56” x 29” x 72.38”


Dimensions 32” Wide x 29” Deep x 72.38” Tall

Screenshot 2023-12-18 104357(1)-PhotoRoom (3)

Workstation Powerhead Kits

Fawcett table-top stirrers are adaptable to a wide variety of applications and batch sizes from small beakers to multi-gallon containers.
These direct drive models provide a wide speed and torque range.
Each lab stirrer kit comes with a powerhead, air hose, and a variety of stirrer shafts and Fawcett MixedFLOW™ Impellers.

Pail & Vat Power Head Kits

Model Powerhead Output HP MAX RPM Air Hose Shaft Impellers
LS-2000WS102A1/2" Keyed Chuck1.03,0003’x3/8” (1/2 NPT)12”x5/16”,15”x 3/8”, 18 x1/2”MF-21R MF-32R MF-43R
LS-3000WS103A1/2" Keyed Chuck1.73,0003’x3/8” (1/2 NPT)12”x5/16”,18”x 1/2”MF-32H MF-43H MF-53H
LS-4000WS104A1/2" Keyed Chuck4.03,0003’x3/8” (1/2 NPT)(3) 18 x1/2”MF-43H MF-53H MF-63H
Screenshot 2023-12-18 104357(1)-PhotoRoom (4)

Drum Station Power Head Kits

Model Powerhead Output HP MAX RPM Air Hose Shaft Impellers
DM-103AWSLS-103A1/2” Coupling1.7 HP3,0005’ x 3/8” (1/4 NPT)34” x 1/2”(2) MF-43H
DM-104AWSLS-104A1/2” Coupling1.7 HP3,0005' x 3/8” (1/4 NPT)34”x 1/2”(2) MF-43H