FLM Series Pail Lid Mixers

FLM Series Pail Lid Mixers

Five-gallon lid mount (FLM) Series Mixers are integrated into the lid of a 5-gallon bucket or pail. They are portable, lightweight, and easy to use solutions for mixing a variety of materials
** Oered as a complete system with pail, or as a Lid Only (LD) version to mount on your existing pails **


  • 5 Gallon painted steel pail with rust inhibitor interior
  • Pour spout included on pail standard
  • Air motors are explosion-proof and lightweight
  • Variable speed valve
  • Noise dampening muffler
  • 5” MixedFLOW™ impeller included
  • All wetted parts in 304 stainless steel

Upgrades & Options

  • Lube free motors
  • Mechanical Dial Tachometer

Contact us for customizations or special material compatibality requests!

Model HP Max RPM Max Air Requirements Air Inlet ViscosityRange
FLM - 11.0300030 CFM1/4 NPTLow
FLM - 1/LD1.03,00030 CFM1/4 NPTLow
FLM - 1.81.73,00072 CFM1/4 NPTMedium Low
FLM - 1.8/LD
(Less Pail)
1.73,00072 CFM1/4 NPTMedium Low

*Ratings are at max motor speed of 100psi. Motors should never be operated under a no-load / free spinning conditions. Max RPM rating is for speeds under load.