OD/OT Series Clamp Mount Mixers

OD/OT Series Clamp Mount Mixers

Open Drum/Open Tank (OD/OT) Series Clamp Mount Mixers are designed for mixing in open top containers. They feature cast iron, corrosion resistant plated clamp assembly and clamp block allowing for versatile impeller positioning. Larger models incorporate a dual clampsystem for extra support and stability.


  • 55 gal drums up to 300 gallon open tank
  • MixedFLOW™ Impeller/s
  • Heavy duty corrosion resisant clamp mounting
  • All wetted parts are 304 stainless steel
  • Variable speed control valve
  • Noise dampening muffler

Upgrades & Options

  • Lube free motors
  • Mechanical Dial Tachometers
  • Geared or Keyless Chuck
Model Container Description HP Max RPM Max Air Requirement Air Inlet Viscosity Range Blade Type
OD-20255 Gal1.03,00030 CFM1/4 NPTLow(1) 5” H
OD-20355 Gal1.73,00072 CFM1/4 NPTMedium Low(1) 5” H
OD-20455 Gal1.73,00072 CFM1/4 NPTMedium Low(2) 5” H
OD-20655 Gal1.73,00072 CFM1/4 NPTMedium Low(1) 6” H
OD-20855 Gal4.03,000128 CFM1/2 NPTMedium High(2) 6” H
OD-21555 Gal5.252,500175 CFM1/2 NPTHigh(1) 8” H
OT-210Up to 300 Gal4.03,000128 CFM1/2 NPTMedium High(2) 6” H
OT-215Up to 300 Gal5.252,500175 CFM1/2 NPTHigh(2) 8” H

*Ratings are at max motor pressure of 100psi. Motors should never be operated under a no-load/free spinning condition. Max RPM rating is for speeds underload.