Steel IBC Tote Plate Mount Mixers

Steel IBC Tote Plate Mount Mixers

Fawcett Plate Mount Mixers are designed for steel IBC tote tanks.They mount directly to the 3” center ll tting of an eyebrow stylecover. Available in both direct drive congurations for highspeed blending or gear reduced conguration for slow speed,high-torque agitation. These units are highly congurable.Contact us for assistance.


  • All wetted parts are 304 stainless steel
  • Available in electric and pneumatic
  • Direct drive models utilize MixedFLOW™ impellers
  • Gear drive models utilize Pitched Blade Axial Turbines
  • Leveling screws stablize mounting plate on drum cover

Upgrades & Options

  • Lube free air motors
  • Mechanical Dial Tachometers
  • Stainless steel mount and hardware are optional
  • Vertical lifting lugs
  • Optional VFD speed control and explosion proof motorson electric models
Style Available Horsepower Max RPM Shaft Size Size
ADDxx PM xx/xx1.0 - 5.030005/8” or 3/4”MixedFLOW™ Impellers
AGDxx PM xx/xx1.0 - 5.06001”Axial Turbines
EDDxx PM xx/xx1.0 - 5.018005/8” or 3/4”MixedFLOW™ Impellers
EGDxx PM xx/xx1.0 - 5.03601”Axial Turbines

*Ratings are at max motor pressure of 100psi. Motors should never be operated under a no-load/free spinning condition.Max RPM rating is for speeds under load